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Alexandra Claire

I offer energetic, dynamic and direct Coaching Sessions for individuals and groups, within both personal and business settings. Based in Truro, Cornwall, I work with clients throughout the UK and overseas.


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If you find yourself stuck in a professional rut – why stay there?

I offer an energetic, dynamic and direct style of Individual Coaching which is designed to help you identify the obstacles between you and a more successful, fulfilling professional life – before helping you overcome them.

I’ll work with you to assess your thoughts and behaviours from the inside, and then work outwards to help you break out of the patterns and cycles that hold you back. I work with people across all walks of life, and in different types of industries, to help them address workplace issues.

Realise and fulfil your potential and reach your career goals

My goal is to empower you to realise and fulfil your potential by revealing insights and identifying changes that have the power to transform your life at work – whilst also transferring into your personal, day-to-day life. Issues I can help you address include:

Self confidence
Fear of conflict
Leadership skills
Workplace relationships
Work/life balance
Performance management
I have worked with a range of businesses and organisations, coaching individuals and teams towards more cohesive, happier and successful professional lives.

Coaching sessions for businesses

Have you ever heard the phrase
“A business is only as good as its people”?

Coaching can work at all levels of your organisation to empower your people, delivering dividends across all aspects of your business. I take an energetic, creative, and direct approach to Business Coaching that identifies areas of strength, as well as opportunities to improve and develop. From leadership skills and management styles to more effective communications and cohesive team working.

My own industry experience allows me to bring an informed but unbiased viewpoint to your challenges, and my training as a therapist enables me to offer insightful, constructive, and – above all – good humoured routes towards your business aims and aspirations.

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Trust is very important to me, and Alex has been trustworthy in every way, from appointment-keeping to confidentiality. Her ability to relate made the work less daunting, and she made meeting online feel as connected as possible. Alex understood how to change the approach as my needs changed, from crisis to rebuilding what I’d lost. Her caring and intelligence enabled me to have balance and joy in my life again, which was what I was seeking.


I can create a bespoke programme around whatever goal you wish to work towards, or you can see the other programmes I offer.

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Coaching Sessions with Alexandra Claire are available now. I am based in Truro, Cornwall, and work with individuals and businesses throughout the UK and worldwide.

Alexandra Claire

07810 446496
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