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Alexandra Claire

Helping you to nurture the living spirit of yourself – living within and inhabiting your body fully. To “embody” is to be the living spirit of something and we often struggle with the “body” in embody.


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The Embody Programme

How many times have you thought:
I don’t look good enough. I’ll be happier if I can just drop a size. I look in the mirror and dislike what I see.

Our body image is so often linked with our overall sense of self-worth and happiness – but our perception of ourselves is easily distorted because our societal beauty standards set unattainable physical perfection as an aspirational ideal. On TV, in magazines, and especially in our social media feeds, we face an unending parade of “perfect” bodies that are actually imaginary – either physically nipped and tucked and plumped and filled – or else, digitally filtered and altered.

Is it any wonder that we struggle with our body image when we compare ourselves with images that are not real?

I invite you to throw out the rulebook that defines what is and what isn’t “good enough”. Every single body is different – and every single body is worthy of love, respect and appreciation.


The idea for this programme sprang from my own work with a personal trainer. In his experience with a wide diversity of clients, he found their desire to change their physical bodies was underpinned by persistent negative mental states and emotional patterns – that simply weren’t being addressed by the physical work they were doing together. What I discovered when I worked with him was that my size was not the issue. It was how I perceived and valued myself. Whether you have a general interest about your body and your relationship with it or are about to embark on a fitness or healthy eating regime, this three-session programme can help you do so in a way that nurtures respect, appreciation and honouring yourself as a wonderful human being. The sessions are designed to reveal underlying emotional patterns and address your motivations; ultimately making space in your life for radical self-compassion and acceptance and putting you in the best possible position to make lasting, positive change.

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We will discuss the origins of your insecurities and begin to break down some of our learned assumptions about our bodies.


We will practice looking kindly and compassionately at your body, challenging any negative thoughts and patterns you may have developed towards it.


We will explore your aims and motivations, and set positive, achievable and sustainable goals that are designed to help you feel amazing.

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So, yes ABSOLUTELY our work has worked!! I went into this very sceptical. How can one specific person, a stranger at that change my perspective of the world … Well … you did! I was a very anxious person. A very negative person actually with how I looked at relationships and general day to day life. By looking back at my life – in particular my childhood – you made me understand why I had been conditioned into thinking and feeling like I did. I didn’t realise how much that had influenced my upbringing and life as a whole. Even my relationships!! Looking at my own mother’s past relationships, you could see the pattern forming of how I was doing the same and so from talking to you I now see things differently! I wake up most mornings now more focused. I know what I want to achieve and I am not afraid to do this on my own. I don’t need the support of a partner anymore! 🙂 I AM STRONG ENOUGH ON MY OWN! I totally put all my trust into you Alex and it totally paid off. I think we got on great and had a giggle on our journey. If anything I think we didn’t have long enough! Not because I have so many issues to address BUT because you are genuinely such a lovely person. You are very understanding, non-judgemental and an all-round down to earth person who is incredibly gifted to be able to help the way you do! My focus now is to just be me! Enjoy my life with my children and take each day as it comes. As far as relationships go, if it’s meant to be – it’s meant to be! No pressure with anything. I know I’m happy in myself and that’s one thing I wasn’t when we first started out!


Discover the route to self-confidence and build a better relationship with your physical body.

Wanting to make beneficial changes to your lifestyle or health is undoubtedly a good thing. However, your desire for change, and the motivation that sustains it, will do you the most long term good when it’s borne of positivity and self-love – not because of self-loathing, shame or disgust.

Mental wellbeing should be used as a powerful companion to physical betterment – not a replacement – but you’ll be amazed how your goals change and come into focus once you sit down to evaluate why you want to pursue them.

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I am based in Truro, Cornwall and my Embody Programme is open to clients throughout the UK and worldwide, just reach out to find out more.

Alexandra Claire

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