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Alexandra Claire

Find new energy and determined purpose with this dynamic, fixed price, unique and bespoke Focus Programme. Ten sessions specifically tailored to you. Based in Truro, Cornwall, my sessions are available for clients in the UK and further afield.


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The Focus Programme

If you have a curious mind and you’re dedicated to achieving change in your life – this programme could be perfect for you. Whilst some may choose longer term therapy, others may choose something more dynamic, this is a powerful and simple process that combines years of training and professional experience.

The Focus Programme offers you a dynamic, unique and bespoke programme of ten sessions specifically tailored to you. Working together, we will set your intentions, and ultimately the aim is to reach the end of the programme with you already living the difference we envisioned at the outset. Whether your focus is a personal or professional goal, this is an exciting and immediately rewarding journey which will enable you to achieve life-changing results.

Expect to enjoy your journey and walk away with a new energy and determined purpose in every area of your life. Wherever you are in your life, or in the world, this is a powerful and simple process that combines years of training and professional experience with a programme tailored to your requirements and the intentions you establish.

Setting your intentions

Through establishing clear intentions from the very outset, we set our sights for the weeks ahead. From here the programme naturally provides room for exploration, personal introspection and development during your bespoke sessions. Structuring your journey in this way will keep you focussed on achieving the results you want – whilst gaining a deep understanding of yourself, your challenges, and your routes to overcoming them.​​

Working for results

​Over the course of the ten sessions, we will proactively work with you to achieve fresh perspective and ways of embracing your challenges with renewed personal energy. Combining the very best therapeutic interventions with the most dynamic coaching, a tonne of motivation, and a good dose of humour, your programme will be focussed around working steadfastly towards meeting your intentions at session ten.

Living the difference

​At the end of our ten sessions, we’ll celebrate your success, reflect on the process, and explore how you’ll apply what you’ve learned in your life going forward. You’ll leave with a deeper and clearer understanding of yourself, what makes you tick, and how you want to live in the world.

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Alex provided a safe environment to discuss difficult issues. She brings care and humour into her work and 100% commitment to getting a result.


I can create a bespoke programme around whatever goal you wish to work towards, or you can see the other programmes I offer.

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My Focus Programme is open to clients throughout the UK and worldwide, just get in touch to find out more.

Alexandra Claire

07810 446496
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