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Alexandra Claire

Bespoke ‘all day’ events for businesses or groups who want to explore specific themes or connections. Based in Truro I work with clients in the UK and overseas.


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Focus-based Workshops

If you are interested in promoting communication or have a goal in mind, why not consider a therapy workshop with me?

I am a trusted and experienced Psychotherapist who works with businesses, groups and individuals who want to focus on an enlightened end goal. Deciding to invest in yourself or your staff can be a transformational step. It is the doorway into a new experience and can lead to better relationships and a more collaborative experience within the workplace or a group dynamic.

I bring an individual, and creative approach to my workshops and ensure they are energetic, explorative, engaging and always tailored to meet your end goals. I create bespoke workshops that draw on the full breadth and depth of my many years of training and experience.
From my base in Truro, I work with clients from all over the world, and during my therapy workshops I also collate with other industry professionals to bring you and your team a comprehensive experience.

Why choose a therapy workshop?

Usually my workshops are 'all day' events and I often collaborate with other professionals to offer insightful, energetic and interesting exploration associated with themes such as attachment, relationships, emotional eating, delegation and leadership. Keep an eye out for new dates or register an interest by getting in touch. As well as bringing together individuals, I design and deliver bespoke workshops for businesses based on specific requirements.

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My conversations with Alex and her gentle honesty, made me look at myself in a different light. It is hard work to constantly be in a battle with yourself and as a result everyone else. I found Alex’s opinion, personal experiences and encouragement refreshing and incredibly insightful. It is never easy to take a good, hard look at yourself but my sessions provided the realisation of why I am what I am! Without a doubt, the most valuable thing I have learnt is that I really struggle with chaos, due to my background. It gave the realisation that the reason why I was so disturbed and emotional in my previous employment is due to the chaotic culture of the organisation. I was beating myself up and in tears every day before I actually had the conversation which made me realise that I was in the wrong organisation. I know it’s a work in progress – but the positive thing is that I have now left the role that was making me so unhappy, and I will continue to avoid roles/organisations/environments that are chaotic. Through my work with Alex, I also realise that I take things to heart and very personally, I realise that I need to work on this aspect of myself. I was extremely hesitant when I began my work with Alex, mainly due to my emotional state and with it being organised and funded by my employer. However, after our first few sessions, I started to feel that it was going really well and the trust built up. I have never been very good at talking about my past, and so to feel comfortable discussing certain aspects that have been kept under wraps for decades is definitely an accomplishment. I think that we built up a rapport and I trust Alex implicitly. She was transparent, honest and open from the beginning of the process, to the end.

My bespoke therapy workshops are open to individuals and business in the UK and worldwide, just get in touch to find out more.

Alexandra Claire

07810 446496
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