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Alexandra Claire

If you are interested in Psychotherapy or Coaching with Alexandra Claire, dive deeper into the why and how. Below you'll find some feedback, reviews, and testimonials from clients that have previously worked with me.

Working with Alex has been the single best investment in myself I've ever made (and continue to make!). When I first came to work with her I was a much smaller version of who I am today, I was confused by my emotions and had no real voice. Now through her incredible guidance, exploration and hard work I'm who I was always meant to be - strong, confident, I have clarity of my emotions and am able to speak my truth even when it's hard and SO much more! It was all there inside and with Alex I was able uncover it. 

My relationships with everyone I knew changed for the better and almost instantly. Once Alex opens your mind up to new possibilities of how things are or could be, you can act from a new place of -for me self-worth, and people's reactions were very pleasantly surprising and not scary as I had thought! As I form new relationships with people I can see the work I've done with Alex shine through.

My life has been transformed completely by our work together every penny I've spent has been worth it. Alex is worth her weight in gold! The transformation was so clear to my friends and family that I'd say 70% have signed up to work with Alex or have therapy in some form due to the change in myself. 

It wasn't always easy but I felt so supported in our sessions even when we worked through sicky areas. I'm so incredibly grateful to have met Alex and been able to do this work with her. She's unique, trustworthy, creative, inspiring, soulful, strong, humorous, fiery, courageous and BRILLIANT. 
I can't encapsulate all the progression, transformation and pure magic that has happened in words alone. Thank you Alex.  If you can't tell already.  Working with Alex will change your life - do it.


If you have read my reviews and testimonials and would like to learn more, please get in touch. I provide in-person and online services in Truro, Cornwall, across the UK and overseas

Alexandra Claire

07810 446496
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